Baby Harmony  is no longer available. She found her mommy and at her new home.

She is a premature baby by the talented Laura Lee Eagles.  She is a limited edition and is one of a twin.

She is painted with Genesis heat set paints.  Her hair is also painted.

She is 43 cm (17 inches) and weighs 1.500kg.  See more pictures of him on the AVAILABLE BABIES page.

Harmony will go home with the following:


  • Her soft toy
  • Pacifier & Hair bow
  •  Little Lumps cloth diapers
  • Pink ballet outfit shes wearing
  • Baby gro
  • Blanket
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Care Instructions
  • Harmony 3 Harmony 2 Harmony 1 Harmony 5 Liberty & Harmony 6 Liberty & Harmony 5 Liberty & Harmony 3 Liberty & Harmony 2 Liberty & Harmony 1 Liberty & Harmony 11 Liberty & Harmony 10 Liberty & Harmony 9 Liberty & Harmony 8 Liberty & Harmony 7 Liberty & Harmony

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