Im adopted and no longer available


Jamina  is a true African Princess sculpted byPetra Seiffert.  She is available for adoption.

She is painted with Genesis heat set paints.  Her hair is rooted and then braided in the true African way with extensions..

Jamima is 24 inches and weighs 2.500kg.  See more pictures of him on the AVAILABLE BABIES page.

She will go home with the following:


  • Her soft toy
  • Hair clips
  •  Diaoer
  • Pink and white outfit shes wearing in the pictures
  • denim and red outfit with black patent leather shoes and socks
  • Blanket
  • Birth Certificate
  • Care Instructions
  • Jamima 4 Jamima 8 Jamima 9 Jamina 5 Jamina 6 Jamina 7 Jamima 1 Jamima 2 Jamima 3

Consumer Reviews

  1. OMG im gonna buy her but how much is she ??????????????????????????????????? the african jamina

    • Hi I have send you an email – she is ZAR3000 plus shipping ($365 shipping inclusive) I ship worldwide and use EMS shipping. I do take PayPal. Albie

  2. ima buy it thanx your the best reborn maker iv been looking for a reborn but i never found the one i wanted .Finaly i found one

  3. she looks like my sister..i will have to show her.

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