Im adopted – I found a mommy


Baby Jody is a premature boy and is adopted.  He was sculpted by Linda Murray from The Cradle.

I have painted his hair and then micro root it to give it the soft downy look of a newborn baby.  He is painted with Genesis heat set paints.

He is 46 cm (18 inches) and weighs 1.500kg.  See more pictures of him on the AVAILABLE BABIES page.

Jody will go home with the following:


  • His little soft toy
  • Pacifier
  • Embroidered Little Lumps cloth diapers
  • Carters Baby Clothes he is wearing
  • Blanket
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Authentication
  • Care Instructions
  • Jodi9 Jodi8 Jodi7 Jodi6 Jodi5 Jodi4 Jodi3 Jodi2 Jodi1 Jodi10

Consumer Reviews

  1. Hi Albie,
    Please advise the cost of little Jody. I would also like to know if you have the ‘hand-size’ babies as per your slide show. It is a prem and is lying in a hand with a price tag of R700 – what does the R700 include. I so wish to have a little prem tha would fit into my hand – thank you

    Kind regards.


    • Jody is R2800 plus courier fee of R300. The small babies and the other babies on the web are doll kits – they are not painted, without hair, clothes and eyes.
      kind regards

  2. So if I want Jody how can I order him? and how soon can I receive him?

    • Hi Nicole – Yes you can order him but I will only be able to deliver him in September – I am fully booked with orders.
      kind regards

  3. I would like to know what the prices are of the following babies :-
    Liberty and Harmony.

  4. We are very interested in a Joy too. Do you still have stock or will you be able to make us one plse plse plse!!!!! Regards Zani and Lurentia

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